Sun, Moon and Rising Sign representions

a picture of the sun and moon togetherA common question that is asked regularly is ‘what star sign are you?’ and the answer that most people give generally points to our Sun sign. However, there is much more to interpreting how a person may be than just considering which Sun sign they were born under.

A multitude of people from differing backgrounds and different cultures are followers even in a casual way of western astrology. These people are identified with signs allocated to them at the time of their birth under the Natal chart. The time and date of birth relate to which star sign a person is born under, which in turn is supposed to have specific characteristics associated with it.

The Sun Sign

The individuality of a person is defined by the Sun sign. This guides your development in skills, competition, career possibilities and social placement. Characteristics like creativity and logic are part and parcel of the Sun sign. It affords the recipient an individual nature and how we identify with the world. The Sun sign forms the attitude we take to live and creates the framework that builds our ego and true purpose. Sometimes we see other traits in people and are forced to think that can’t be right, the reason is the two other factors of the Moon sign and the Rising sign.

The Moon Sign

The positioning of the Moon at the person’s time of birth can coincide with the Sun sign and this can give a mixture of traits that can affect an individual’s characteristics. For instance, a person born as a Taurus can have both Sun and Moon signs which would make them a double Taurus and of course, the characteristics of the person would differ from a person born under either Sun sign or Moon sign.

The Moon sign is associated with the body’s vital organs and even the hormones that flow through our bodies. Core vulnerabilities and pretenses are affiliated with the Moon sign and people who are aware of these characteristics keep these well covered. Only people who are very close to you are aware of this trait and learn over time to accept it.

The Rising Sign

The rising sign is related to a person’s exterior, an outer self that enables a person to interact in making new relationships. This is the most difficult sign to predict in a person because it will depend on the positioning of the Sun and the Moon at birth as to how dominant certain characteristics rise to the surface. The Rising Sign also changes the conditioning that a person has received in their childhood.

This is how when anyone starts to learn their way through the early years it is sometimes difficult for people to get to know them and make new friendships. This early stage in life is in opposition to your inner-self a natural characteristic can become distorted as a person can become introvert and withdrawn.

All the above three signs, Moon, Sun, and Rising have a direct bearing on the individual traits of the star sign that a person is born under. It takes an effort to completely understand them and sometimes professional advice from a qualified astrologer is the only way forward.

For more information on the Sun, Moon and Rising signs, please see this video below.

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