My Top Tips For Relationship Astrology

a couple embracing in the grassRelationship astrology takes years of practice to try to arrive at a point that covers every individual, and I can tell you here that it is impossible with a lot of practice and dedication to this fascinating art.

Astrology relies on the fundamentals of when a person comes into this world and the position of the various stars, and planets in relation to their position to the Sun and the Moon. Having said that, a person born under a specific star sign does indeed have unique characteristics or recognized traits that have a direct bearing on compatibility within a relationship. This is primarily due to the unique personality traits, likes, dislikes and ways of viewing the world that inevitably pertain to the respective sign.

Getting to grips with relationship astrology

On starting out, to get as an accurate reading as possible one needs to view the inter aspect of the Sun and the Moon. Which one is forming a major aspect in the chart of the other and if not is there a crossover point mid-chart that will give me a fundamental starting point on which to proceed. To proceed with a composite chart there needs to be an interaction varying in multiples of 45 degrees between the mid or major points between Sun and Moon.


The Moon is a powerful source in synastry if spending a lot of time together or setting up home. Notes on the aspects between the A and B charts of the Moon and the two charts at crossing points of the Planets play a significant part in a true reading. Challenged inter-aspects or un-aspected inter specs involving the Moon may indicate obstacles within the relationship. Both parties, or, either individual may find the union unsatisfying in either scenario on this basic level.

Time of birth

The importance of an exact time of birth cannot be underestimated as a few minutes, either way can have a direct bearing on the outcome of the reading and subsequently the outcome of the entire relationship overall. Most people know their birthday but are not familiar with the exact time of birth, so if this is the case with you then you should exercise caution of the outcome of the reading as it will not in this case, be entirely accurate. However, having said this, the reading should still provide a detailed and in-depth depiction of the probabilities and potentials of the relationship overall.

The vertex

In astrology, the vertex is an important point which relates to a powerful feeling of being drawn in by fate. This vertex acts as a conjunction between the personal points of the couple in relation to the position of the planets. The Nodal axis indicates through the Natal chart powerful lessons of learning indicating that one party is showing a greater desire for the relationship than the other. This is never a good thing in any relationship as one party is therefore, either likely to stray or end the relationship entirely.

Natal chart

The natal chart of the point in time when we are born is the focal point in astronomy. This point indicates which house or element that is associated with our individual birth sign. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth are the four houses that the twelve signs of the zodiac fall into. The word zodiac is Greek for the ring of animals and names were allocated between creatures and important figures in Greek history. Cancer is the crab, which comes under a water sign, with Virgo under the earth sign, with each having distinctive traits associated that can then attract or repel differing individuals. For instance, a Virgo male coupling with a Cancer female will have its own positive and negative connotations. The Virgo man can be very cerebral, while a Cancerian lady can very much lead with her heart. While these two sound somewhat incompatible from this broad statement, they both can actually get on very well together and make a very nice couple as they both tend to enjoy both the cerebral and emotional aspects of a relationship, which they respect in each other. This is an interesting couple to analyse and you can find our more about the Virgo male at and the Cancerian woman at

This should help to give you a good overview of relationship astrology and what it entails. I’m sure you can appreciate that it is actually a rather deep and complex subject with many moving parts, which is why it is important to visit an experienced astrologer in order to get an accurate reading of any kind.

Soul Mate Astrology

two lovers sitting in the moon lightThe power of the Ascendant should never be underestimated because it plays a major role in when we meet new people for the first time. It has a direct bearing on our interpersonal skills in shielding our natural expressions and emotions when we start to try and build a long-term relationship with someone. An Ascendant plays a vital role in relationships of all kinds including short-term and also ones that develop into lifetime partnerships. Indications show that interplays between Ascendants can affect the harmony or basic conflict on an earthbound level.

Power of Grand Trines

A major sign in the development of a special relationship occurs when the simple trine of an individual is turned around into a Grand Trine which is the effect of the position of another person’s planet in their natal chart. For example, in one individual’s chart, Mars is starting to align with Sagittarius which in turn Trines the Moon in the early stages of Aries.

A planet at the early stages of movement to Leo would develop into a Grand Trine in this individuals chart but is not shown to exist. His partner’s Sun engulfs this pattern, as with the early stages of Leo. This connection is especially powerful when returned and embraced. This can then develop into an amazing bond which will extenuate the relationship between two people.

Nodes of the Moon

Some astrologers recognize the Nodes which are related to the axis of the Moon to be an important aspect in reconnecting to past lives. The theory of reincarnation has created heated debate since the beginning of time and an open mind is needed when we study the sensitive axis point of the Nodes in relation to what it is telling us from lessons learned in this life and possibly previous ones. When a bond is forming with the Moon Nodes in synastry there is a deep need to gel together.

Here is a great video of the different Nodes of the moon to give you a deeper understanding.

Relationship astrology

The art of relationship astrology is synastry. Charts are prepared to provide an illuminating and fascinating insight into how an interaction between individuals impacts on their lives and future together. The date and time a person is born are related to their unique position in relation to the positional alignment of stars and planets in the solar system. The movement around the Sun of these heavenly bodies in our universe can be read to influence events taking part in our lives and also projecting the outcome.

For more detailed information on relationship astrology, you can see my blog post on the subject, here.

The Vertex

The Vertex is a less well-known indicator in the natal chart. It is referred to as a secondary descendant and when showing up in a chart or reading in a relationship guide is a strong indicator that a couple is made for one another. When positions of planets interchange and realign in conjunction with others it creates an interesting balance to forecast outcomes.

The realignment and the interchanges of the planets in relation to their position to the Sun and Moon have a direct bearing on events and relationships that we are adjusting in our lives.