Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Best Ever Vegan Cupcakes

I have started to experiment with dairy-free cooking because Kid 3 has had some major stomach issues when she eats dairy. She has been feeling sad that everyone eats junk food and they can go about their day feeling fine while she almost instantly gets a stomach ache. She's tried using the Lactaid pills but she really hated having to take them every time she wanted to eat something with dairy.

I started searching on Pinterest for dairy-free recipes to make for Kid 3. I found an excellent oatmeal chocolate chip recipe (I'll post about that soon!) and I found this recipe. The recipe is from babble.

I followed the recipe exactly. We used plain, unsweetened almond milk for the non-dairy milk and I used Canola oil, because that was all I had on hand. For the frosting I used Smart Balance butter, again because that was what I had. The frosting was a tad oily but I think it has to do with the butter, it is an oil-based dairy-free butter. We were able to make 24 mini cupcakes with the recipe. The batter was very thin so we were worried it wouldn't rise but they turned out great!

The perfect bite-sized cupcake
We devoured the cupcakes in a matter of hours. All of the girls loved them and no one missed the dairy. This will be our new go-to recipe for cupcakes.

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