Sunday, November 3, 2013

One Year

We sold almost all of our belongings and left our home in California for the open road one year ago! I can't believe we did it. I never thought we'd ever move out of California. I was born and raised there and although I always dreamed of moving away I never thought we would. The timing never seemed right and I was worried I'd miss my family too much.

Most days I'm happy about the decision. Our kids got to see so much and learn more than I could ever have hoped while we were traveling. Some day, though, I feel guilty for taking them away from their friends. The girls had such good friends in California I worried they wouldn't find such great people wherever it was we ended up. So far they've made a few good friends so that makes me happy. But, the guilt some days makes me want to load up our car and drive back to California, plop back down on the mountain we lived in and try to go back to "normal" life.

I try to remember that people move. Sometimes you can't stay in the same place forever. I think about my sister-in-law. Her husband is in the Army and they have moved all over the country during his time with the Army. They just moved recently from Georgia to Missouri and before that I think they were in Florida, before that Texas. It makes me thankful that Rob isn't in the Navy anymore, I couldn't image having to move over and over again with really no say in where you go! I am thankful that we chose to move to Tennessee and if we want to, we can choose to leave Tennessee.

Camping in TN, when we fell in love with the state (Nov 2012)
I love Tennessee and I'm so glad this is where we ended up. I love waking up each morning and looking out the windows. I love that it's Fall right now and the leaves are the most beautiful colors I've ever seen. I love that it's cold outside, so cold I have to wear a sweater. I love that we go outside as much as we can here. We live by so many parks, lakes and rivers that we never have a hard time finding something to do. Back in California we lived in the mountains so the weather back home isn't too different than here. Only back home we got tons of snow, here not so much. I will miss the snow!

Nashville, TN
Nashville TN, our home 2013


  1. A year!? It's been a year? That means it's almost a year since we "met." Sharing in your travels and adventures has been great! I mostly love seeing your stuff on Instagram. I'm glad you're happy with your move to Tennessee and I still dream that one day we might end up there... We'll see I guess;)

    1. I know, I can't believe it's been that long. Sadly, I haven't been blogging very much lately. If you ever do make it out to Tennessee we'll have to meet up for coffee!


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