Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Big 0-3!

My last baby ever turned three last weekend. We had such a fun time celebrating her birthday but it really made me want to freeze time to keep her little longer. She thinks I'm the best thing in the world right now and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible. She loves to hold my hand and be with me ALL THE TIME! I can't even go downstairs without her knowing, she'll come screaming to the staircase and say "Mommy, why you leave me??" Sometimes it drives me nuts but I know eventually she won't think I'm so awesome anymore and my little buddy will have better things to do than bang on the door constantly while I try to shower.
C is 3
C is an amazing little kook and I'm so glad we had one more kiddo. I couldn't imagine life without her!!!

We celebrated C's birthday just like we did L's birthday, with cake, presents and dinner. Right before C was born L worried about having to share a birthday with someone. I told her even if the baby was born on the same day we'd make sure they each had their own special days. So far we've stuck to that. L celebrated her day the day after her actual birthday and C celebrated hers the day before her birthday.
birthday cupcakes
"Strawberry Shortcake" cupcake toppers I made for C
Happy Birthday banner
Birthday banner I made
my kiddos
being silly
Grandpa picked wildflowers for C
riding a bike
Daddy trying to teach C how to use her new birthday present
new bike
She wanted a bike to be like her sisters. She's still learning, she hasn't gotten the hang of it yet.
blowing out the candles
happy birthday
We took the whole family to Dollywood on C's actual birthday. So, we kind of combined the two birthdays but they had their own little parties before our trip! L didn't mind at all and C is too young to object or understand. C was actually super excited and kept saying "I get two birfdays!!"

Dollywood was fun! None of us were sure what to expect since we'd never been there. We woke up super early and made the 3 hour drive. We were making great time and thought we'd get there early when we remembered that we'd changed time zones!! I really hate that! I don't understand why the time zone lines couldn't have been drawn to go around Tennessee instead of through it! So, we ended up getting there an hour later than we planned but we had plenty of time to do everything so it wasn't a big deal. Everyone had a blast and I don't think any of the kids complained too much.

While at Dollywood we had lunch at a fried chicken buffet place. The food was good enough, nothing special, typical  theme park food. The dinning area decor was cute, it was done up like a chicken coop. There was a woman there performing, she was older and crazy which made it fun. She chased a few guys around the coop and danced a chicken on my dad's head a couple of times. When we were leaving she chased my dad outside the restaurant singing to him, it was hilarious!! I wish I would have recorded it. I didn't take any pictures at Dollywood because I didn't want to lug my camera around and worry about it all day.

Dollywood reminded me of Knott's Berry Farm (in California), in size and theme. Where Knott's is Old West, Dollywood is Old Country. Both parks are about the same size and have probably the same amount of roller coasters, as well. Dollywood, though, employs a high number of older folks where Knott's has a lot of teenagers working there.

Dollywood was definitely fun and we can't wait to go back again soon!!


  1. Here from the Weekend Showoff Blog hop and so glad the girl's have nice memories of their birthdays. Sounds like you know how to celebrate in style and I'm sure they'll have many,many more happy times- and you're right, the years really do fly by. As far as the theme parks, Babushka's never visited either of the one's listed, but from what you said about Dollywood, I think this old lady will fit right in. ; ) BB2u

    1. Thanks for the kind words!! Both theme parks are pretty fun. Growing up in Southern California I went to Knott's Berry Farm a lot because it was cheaper than Disneyland and usually less crowded. We weren't sure what to expect from the theme parks in Tennessee so we were all glad that it was a fun place.

  2. Hey Jen, I am coming over from Monday Night Mingle.
    I love Dollywood. Happy late Birthday to your three year daughter !

    Would love for you to visit me
    Kim` This Ole Mom

  3. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the birthday wishes for my little one!! Dollywood was so much fun, I can't wait to go again.


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