Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome to Tennessee

Guess who is following in my footsteps and now living in Tennessee?? MY PARENTS! Yep, they loaded up their RV and left Arizona in the dry, hot dust!

My parents came with their RV, boat, car and a small trailer. Dad drove the RV and towed the trailer, Mom drove the car and towed the boat. They made excellent time considering they got a flat tire on the RV in New Mexico, a cracked windshield on the car in Texas and they got lost in Oklahoma. They left Arizona late Sunday night and arrived at our house Wednesday afternoon.

mom and dad in TN
It has been awesome hanging out with them and I am so glad they are here. We've already gone to a parade and ate a few dinners together. We are taking them to Cracker Barrel tomorrow for their first time and then the zoo this weekend.

I hope they will not regret their decision to leave my brother alone in Arizona. He has a girlfriend, chickens, dogs and a rabbit to keep him company.

I feel pretty cruddy about him being there with no family. We aren't close- we don't talk, or hangout, or text, or anything. I don't know why, maybe because we are extremely different and five years apart. I love him and I wish we were close but I don't think it will ever happen, he doesn't care enough to make an effort. Who knows, maybe he'll end up out here too and then he'll be forced to be around me and my crazy kids! At least on holidays...


  1. It's cool that your parents are closer by now.

    1. It has been so great having them here! We have spent more time with them in these last few days than we probably ever have.

  2. Thats cool that your parents moved to be near you! I wish my parents would do that! Actually I still live very close to them now. But the reason I haven't moved to any of the cool places where I'd like to live is mostly because I'd miss them! OMG I sound like a dork now. Goodbye.

    1. You don't sound like a dork! I was afraid to move out of state because I didn't want to be far from my family!! It sucked being here alone for the first few months since I only know my kids and husband here so I am super glad my parents came because I still know no one here!!!


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