Sunday, August 25, 2013

Savannah, Georgia

We wanted to do an end of summer trip to the ocean. Since we didn't have much time (school started the following Monday) and our budget was tight, we chose Savannah.

Tybee Island

Now we can say we have officially made it coast to coast. We can all say we've swam in all of the oceans surrounding the U.S. We have spent countless hours in the Pacific Ocean (shoot, I spent my whole childhood in the ocean), we have splashed in the Gulf of Mexico and we have now swam in the Atlantic Ocean.

downtown Savannah
Downtown Savannah
Savannah horse

this was near our hotel. I think it's closed down but I loved it anyway
Savannah is beautiful. It was a gorgeous drive from Tennessee through Georgia. Here's the thing though, I will never live in Georgia. The reason? The humidity is murder!! Oh my gosh, the air was so thick it felt like I was being suffocated by the air every time we were outside. I wanted to curl up on the ground and say "please stop hurting me!" It was terrible!! I hate being hot and I hate sweating even more. As soon as we would step out of the car or hotel room I would be drenched. Poor C walked around with a permanent red face because she was so hot. Now I know why my friend in Georgia spends her summers back in California (aside from all of her family being there)!! Almost all of the photos I took were through the car window! It was just too hot to spend much time outside. I must say, the humidity in Tennessee (at least where we live) is nothing compared to Georgia!!
colonial cemetery
Very old cemetery. Downtown
crooked graves
daddy and Clarge tomb
The humidity sucked so we didn't spend much time outdoors. We went to the beach thinking we'd get some relief. Ha!! The ocean in the East is nothing like the ocean in the West. Back in California you get the cool coastal breeze, sometimes it's cool enough to need a sweater, even in the summer! Not in Georgia!!! We were dripping in sweat from the short walk from the car to the ocean. And the sand was so hot it felt like we were walking on hot coals!!
tybee island sharkTybee islandwind in her hairSavannah harbor
beach house
I loved this beach house! I wish it was mine (but maybe somewhere less humid!)
The beach was beautiful and the water was nice and warm. That should have triggered the signs we saw when we were in Texas. The signs warning about jelly fish. But, it didn't. We all bounced around and played in the water. At one time, I looked at the crowded sand and thought "why isn't everyone in the water?" Then, about five minutes later I felt like my foot was going to fall off. The pain was so bad, it felt like a million tiny needles stinging my foot. I freaked out, screamed and ran out of the water. G and Rob both got stung by jelly fish, too. Luckily the rest of the girls didn't get stung. A jelly fish sting is a weird thing. After, I felt like I had earned some rite of passage, like I had joined the jelly fish stinger club. I also thought that everyone should be stung at least once in their life, it's such a strange feeling that it's hard to describe if you haven't felt it for yourself.
Savannah coastenjoying the oceanAtlantic Ocean
swimming in the oceanfun in the sunat the beach
splashing in the sea
When we were leaving the beach we noticed a girl getting sprayed by a lifeguard. She had been stung by what looked like a thousand jelly fish. Her whole body looked swollen and red, I felt so sad for her. She was probably in her 20s and she was in tears from so much pain. I don't want anyone to feel that! Just the sting I felt on my leg :)

Rob's sister lives in Savannah. We tried to meet up with her but we had such a short window of time down there that we didn't get to see her. I'd like to say we'll see her next time but I'm not sure I can handle that heat ever again!! 
eating a peach
enjoying a peach before we left for home
she fell asleep on the way home


  1. Jen, I LOVE Savannah!!!! Oh, you just made my heart smile! These pictures are great...they make me miss all my day trips down there. And I can say you definitely just became a member of a very elite club...I've always wondered what it would be like to be stung by a jellyfish, and always kind of unofficially wished I had been just so I could tell people ;) Wonderful blog post and beautiful pictures!
    - Bethany Elyse -

    1. Savannah is beautiful! It really is somewhere I would like to visit again, during a time when it isn't so hot!! The jellyfish sting definitely is something that is hard to describe. I told my parents I want to take them down there just so they can be stung. My mom didn't really like that idea though :)

  2. That's where I'm from :) It really is beautiful here, especially in the historic district. You're aren't kidding about the heat and humidity, but I've always lived here so I don't know anything different. I always tell my friends to visit us in late September, early October...the weather is much, much nicer!

    1. I really did love the city but the heat was brutal. It must be my sensitive California heart that just can't take it!! I would love to go back maybe in the dead of winter :)

  3. Sounds like a painful vacation! You musta been glad to get home! I have never been stung by a jellyfish, but I have heard that the best cure for it is to pee on the afflicted spot! Or have someone else pee on it for you. Did you try it? (That is why I prefer swimming in lakes and rivers... nothing to worry about but leeches and maybe crayfish!)

    1. It was fun, overall. We just spent a lot of time in the cool, air conditioned car instead of walking around like I had originally planned. Savannah is beautiful but the heat makes it hard to enjoy. At least, that's how I felt.

      I didn't pee on the jellyfish sting but I did think about it for a minute :) I just stood on the shore complaining. It only stung for a few minutes and then it went away. Once the pain was gone I was ready to go back in the water, I just didn't go out as far after that.

  4. Looks like such an amazing trip. I struggle in humid places (it makes me miserable)... but that beach looks divine! Jelly fish stings - ouch!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  5. The beach was definitely worth it!

    I can't handle humidity, or heat really. I always feel instantly sick and my face turns a nice bright shade of red!


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