Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kids Are Easier Than Dogs!

People sometimes get a pet to prepare them for caring for children but dogs are much harder than children! I learned this the hard way. While potty training our third daughter I thought it was a great idea to get a dog. I figured she's already peeing all over the place, how hard could a dog be? HARD!

Here are some examples of why kids are much easier than dogs:

Dogs are never really potty trained. We've had our dogs for about 6 years and they STILL poop and pee all over the house. On a daily basis! My kids learned to use the toilet around 3 years old, so their pooping and peeing on the carpet was much shorter lived than the dogs.

Dogs can't make their own food, EVER. Kids get older and can at least slap a sandwich together and pour themselves a glass of juice. Dogs will always need you to feed them and get them water.

Dogs need help with exercise. Kids get old enough to be sent outside to ride a bike, play tag or climb a tree. A dog will have to be walked several times a day, EVERY DAY. If you don't walk the dog it will need, at the very least plenty of time to run around outside in the yard. Whether you walk the dog or let it run around freely in the backyard someone will have to pick up the poop! The dog will never be able to clean up after itself. Sometimes you even have to wipe the dog's butt. Unless you prefer the dog to do a little butt scooting across the carpet.

Dogs NEVER listen. Well, my kids hardly ever listen to me either. This one is a tie. 

Dogs dig in the trash for food, eat other dog's poop (at least one of mine does...), sniff butts and drink from the toilet. Kids don't do any of these things! Well, they usually don't do these things.

Dogs need baths. The dog will never be able to wash itself. So be prepared to be soaked while trying to clean the dog or paying a ridiculous amount to have someone else clean the dog, and if you go this route it's almost a guarantee a pink pow will be put in the dog's hair, no matter the sex.  A kid will get old enough to shower without help. 

On the up side, my dogs bark like crazy at solicitors so I usually get rid of them pretty quickly!!

the dogs
They look innocent but they aren't! I have decided to spare you the disgusting photos of the mess they made the other day. While we were sleeping they decided to poop all over the upstairs hallway, tear the trash to bits (then pee on it) and poop and pee all over the living room! It was HORRIBLE! And I was so mad! Man, they are so lucky I love them!


  1. I think dogs do listen. If you're firm with them and you teach them from day one then yea they do listen. Because our dog listens well until the point he gets hard headed. But then again kids can be like that too.

    1. True, there are a lot of people that own dogs that behave. I wish I was one of those people! Our dogs are a pain, no matter how much time we've spent trying to train and teach them to behave!


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