Saturday, August 17, 2013

Join Me on Sverve

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Sverve Banner

Are you looking to expand your blog audience and connect with brands? If so, Sverve is what you are looking for!

I have been a member of Sverve for a few months now and I love it. I have found great blogs to follow from the Sverve community. I have also worked on several campaigns, as well. Sverve is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Sharing tips is simple, just use the Sverve Bookmarklet tool to add your posts to Sverve directly from your blog. Applying for brand opportunities is simple, just look through the list of current campaigns and apply for those that align with your blog.

The Sverve dashboard:

my Sverve dashboard

A little more info on Sverve for you: 

Sverve is a fun social networking community of bloggers.

Bloggers can build their brand by sharing tips on Sverve. Sharing your blog posts allows for other Sverve members to see your posts, increasing your blog exposure. From the Sverve platform influencers can share, like and comment on tips.

It's easy to get started, just click here and follow these steps:

Sign up for an Influencer account
Add your five areas of influence
Ask your social media followers to endorse you
Share your posts on the Sverve platform
Apply for brand campaigns
Follow and endorse your favorite influencers (don't forget about me!!)


  1. I joined Sverve recently but I was having a tough time figuring it out... maybe I'm just dumb at these things. I'm not really an expert at anything and my blog doesn't have any particular topic... but I'm still going to go back and try to figure it out!

    1. You know, it took me awhile to figure Sverve out. At first I hardly ever used it because I felt so lost. I think I've slowly gotten the hang of it. My blog doesn't focus on anything in particular either, I just chose categories that matched things I write about the most.

      I follow a few bloggers that post about blogging so I love seeing all their tips each time I sign in.

  2. Great post! Pinning:) And endorsing you. I'm on sverve too!

    1. Thanks so much!! I'm going to look you up on Sverve! :)


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