Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fireflies and Life

catching fireflies

I haven't been around the blogging world much lately. I just haven't felt like I've had much to say. I've been trying to keep the girls busy while they are on summer break and that leaves me pretty darn tired!

My mom was here for a week, we didn't get to hang out much since she was here to watch the girls while we were in California. It was nice having her around and it made me miss her even more after she left. Luckily, she is coming back and she's bringing my dad! We all miss my dad very much, especially the girls. He lets them drink soda, eat too much candy and work on stuff with him so they think he is super awesome!! They are coming on the first of July and staying for a week. We can't wait!!

We have spent a lot of time at the lake so far this summer. We have gone four times in the last month and we'll probably be down there again tomorrow. We've had so much fun at the lake that we have decided to sell our travel trailer and buy a boat. We love the trailer, especially since it was our home for months but it is expensive to tow and makes traveling to destinations take twice as long. The lake is close so we will get much more use out of a boat than the trailer. Plus, we loved tent camping so that will be our thing- boating and tenting!

The girls have discovered fireflies. I told them about seeing them when Rob and I were driving through Memphis. I had never seen them before so I thought they were cool. I was also fascinated with their death, they leave a little glowing blob on the windshield for a few seconds before turning black and matching all the other dead bugs. The girls have spent the last three nights outside catching the bugs with the little boy that lives next door. I have learned that in the South the bugs are called "lightnin' bugs" not fireflies like us West Coasters call them! :) The neighbors are actually fairly nice so it makes me feel a little bad that I assumed they are drug dealers. I still think they might be though.

Rob bought me a DSLR, it's a Nikon D3200. It is the camera I have been dreaming of. I am excited to learn how to use it. So far though I've been too afraid to mess it up to take it anywhere we go! Hopefully I will get over that and start using it more. Maybe I'll even be brave enough to take it to the lake with us this weekend, but don't count on it!

That's about all that has been happening around here. Have a great weekend!!
man, those are some ugly bugs!!


  1. My boys love fireflies too :) I'm with you on being tired from kids being home for the summer, I'm exhausted!

    1. It has only been a few weeks that my girls have been out but it already feels like a lifetime! And my two year old has become extra clingy in the last month or so which makes life even more exhausting!!

  2. Glad your are having your mom and dad for a visit. Your days are really different when you have children home for the summer. There isn't much me time. I'm sure they'll have fun with their grandparents.

    Visiting with TGIF Blog Hop.

    1. I definitely can't wait for my parents to come out. I am hoping they'll watch the kids for a few hours so the hubs and I can see a movie! It would be nice to have some time alone!


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