Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time to Fly

We picked up my mom from the airport yesterday! And, now it's our turn. Tomorrow Rob and I will fly to California to get all of our things!! I am so nervous but I am hoping that since our flight is so early I'll be too tired to panic. No guarantees though!

While I am terrified to fly I am excited to get back to California. I wish we were going to have time to visit friends, the beach and Disneyland but we have to be back here as fast as possible for Rob's work. I do plan to take a few extra minutes to load up on In-N-Out and Miguel's. I miss my Animal Fries from In-N-Out so much and I love my burritos from Miguel's equally as much as my favorite fries. Rob wants to try to pack a cooler to bring back a bunch of Miguel's burritos, that's how much he loves them. French fries don't reheat well so I will not bring any extra Animal Fries back. We are also stopping in Arizona to pick up some Cactus Cooler that Rob's mom has for him. He also plans on buying a few 12-packs while we're still in California. It is a little weird that the things we miss most of California are food related!

I was worried about leaving C with my mom. C is only 2 1/2 and hasn't seen my mom since October, I was worried she wouldn't remember her and she would be afraid of her. Turns out C loves the heck out of my mom and she's been having so much fun playing with her! C is very attached to me, sometimes so much so that it drives everyone crazy. She doesn't allow anyone to do anything for her, she makes me change her diapers, make her meals and get her dressed. So, I don't know how that will go while I'm gone but I will enjoy the little break from my boss all of C's demands for a few days.

I won't be posting anything for the next week, probably. When I come back I will definitely want to complain write about the crazy cross-country U-Haul drive we made. Have a great week and wish me luck!!


  1. I still have stuff in Seattle at my parents house that I haven't picked up in the last 10 years :) I eventually will have to drive a uhaul cross country like you are doing, but the thought of it does not appeal to me! Good luck with everything, yum to the fries and burritos!

    1. If our stuff was at my parents house I'd probably leave it a lot longer. But, I hate that we are paying for two storage units so it's worth it to go get it. Plus, we haven't had a couch for almost a month which is kind of a bummer! :) I imagine the drive will be horrible, especially since my husband doesn't want to stop for anything.


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