Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nashville Zoo

Last weekend we spent a few hours at the Nashville Zoo. I had been dying to take the kids because we love zoos. It was a hot day but luckily the zoo has plenty of shady areas. We went ahead and bought the membership so that on days when we are going crazy looking for something to do we can go to the zoo!


The zoo is much smaller than the zoos I am used to. I guess it's hard to top the awesomeness of the San Diego Zoo. Even the L.A. Zoo seemed to have more animals than the Nashville Zoo. Even though it was small we still had plenty of fun. The Nashville Zoo has a pretty awesome play area, the girls loved it!

clouded leopard
C loved seeing her favorite animal, elephants. G got to see some zebras, her favorite. No pandas at this zoo so A was bummed. Well, there are red pandas but they aren't actually pandas so, she was disappointed. And, poor L says the Narwhal is her favorite animal, so she won't be seeing one of those in the near future! We also saw flamingos, a clouded leopard, red panda and my favorite, giraffes. The girls enjoyed watching the meerkats running around. There was a pretty cool reptile and amphibian exhibit inside the zoo, too. I think all four of the girls would say their favorite was the petting zoo. C loved petting the goats, it was hard to keep track of her, running all over the place trying to make sure she touched each one.

petting zoo
red panda

We plan to go back soon. I think we will have a little picnic and just spend the day watching the animals. The girls want to go back just for the playground!


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