Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

We are still waiting for my parents to LEAVE Arizona!!! They haven't left yet. Each day brings a new update of things needing to be fixed, bought, or just time in the day running out. I wanted to send my mom a gift but I didn't because I thought she was going to be on the road toward us! Now I will feel bad when I just call her tomorrow. And, she will probably still be sitting in Arizona. Someday they will get here but I have lost hope in it being any time soon!!

Mother's day here will be just another day. Rob does nothing for holidays, if I'm lucky I'll get a grocery store card and flower for Valentines day or my birthday. Every other holiday is just another day to him. He has to work too, so I won't even be able to pawn off some of the house chores on him! The girls will make me cards and stuff and I love that. I love getting homemade things from them. G kept asking me to let her buy me something with her money but I wouldn't let her. I don't want her to spend her money on me, I'd rather she save it for something cool for herself!

C has been sick the last few days. All I really want this Mother's day is for her to feel better. She stopped throwing up (thank goodness, because I HATE barf!) but she has had horrible diaper issues. She is blowing those suckers up with watery poop! I have changed her poop explosions 10 times just today!! It is making a mess on EVERYTHING! I wish her stomach would get better so I could stop doing so much laundry and burning through so many wipes! I hope in the morning she will be completely back to normal!!

happy mother's day


  1. Happy Mothers day to you!....don't need a special day to celebrate you being a mom but the kids giving you something they made is always great

    Claudia @

    1. Thanks so much! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!!

  2. Oh friend. You sound so sad;( I'm sorry your parents haven't been able to leave and your bogged down with the stomach stuff with C. Sending positive vibes and prayers for a better week;)

    1. That was a pretty hard day! Two of the girls went back to school the day before so I was already a mess! Mother's Day turned out to be pretty good though, despite EVERYONE being sick! My parents aren't coming now until June. It will actually be better since the girls will be out of school and we can all spend more time with them.


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