Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Are you going to try for a boy?

we are not having a boy

EVERYONE always asks us that question. Just yesterday my father-in-law was making jokes about us trying for a boy. He said he would probably have two more and they'd both be girls. Then, while we were talking about what we planned to do with our RV I said I wanted to get a boat, he told Rob to get a small fishing boat for "father and son time!" We laughed but it is seriously a question we get asked at least once a day. I think I might make myself a button and just wear it on my shirt so that everyone will know we will not be having any more kids!

After having two girls people would say "are you going to try for a boy?" and we would just say no, or maybe, or whatever we felt like saying at the time. After the third girl everyone's new question was "all girls?" which we always answer with yep. Not really much else to say to that question other than yes. After the fourth girl the new question was "did you know the man is the one that determines the sex?" This question always bothered me, yes we know that, I've known that since 7th grade science class, thank you. The reason this one gets on my nerves is because I don't understand why someone would feel the need to tell us that, do they think that by making amazingly crazy wonderful girls means my husband isn't manly enough? I think he's plenty manly enough!

When we were signing our lease papers last week (was it last week or two weeks ago, I can't remember) the owner of the company came in. He was talking to us for a few minutes. The girls were with us and he said something about having all girls. Then he asked if we were going to try for a boy. He said it in a genuine manner and asked if we planned on having one or two more. We laughed and said no. We have no desire to have more kids, four is more than I can handle! The owner then said that his son has all girls (now, I think it was all girls, might have been all boys, I swear my brain is just not working!) and that the son was going to keep trying (for whatever sex it was opposite of what he had) and that they are going to end up with 9 kids. We laughed again. Then we signed our papers and left. It wasn't until later that Rob and I were talking and we realized that guy was serious. He wasn't making a casual joke like most people, he seriously thought we should/would have more kids. He always didn't seem to be kidding about his son having 9 kids. It was a strange conversation and it has been stuck in my brain since then.

It made me wonder if we should try to have a boy. In case anyone related to me reads this...we ARE NOT trying to have another baby!!! And, we don't plan to try to have another! EVER. But, after that conversation with that man and talking about how bizarre the conversation was, it made me feel the urge for a boy again. I know there's no guarantee that we'd have a boy and with out history it would more than likely be another girl! So, for that reason we will not be trying for another baby! In the words of L "the baby factory is closed!"

Maybe my brother will some day have kids and he'll have a boy. Then I could play with his kid and give it back to him when the boy needs a diaper change. My brother always said when we were growing up that he wanted to have 5 boys and they would all be named after him! Ha ha! I'm sure his future wife or just future baby momma will be totally on board with that!


  1. I know how you feel, when I just ahd the two boys I would get that question A LOT! I would also say I didnt want anymore kids but then Dahlia happen and happy she is so different than the boys

    Claudia @

    1. They are very different. I know a lot of people with boys and some days I am thankful we only have girls, especially with how crazy my girls are, I could only imagine the insanity that would be happening around here if we threw a boy into the mix!

  2. As the parent of an "only," I can relate. For a long time, everyone assumed we were odd. (And, well, we are! ;) But that has nothing to do with how many children we chose to have.) Having just one was right for us.

    1. It's interesting that people always have an opinion on how many children someone else should have. I guess it's just like everything else with parenting. If you do what the first group thinks is right the second group thinks you're wrong. You can never win when it comes to kids, I guess!


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