Friday, May 3, 2013

100th Post

Boo-ya, this is my one hundredth post. And, they said it wouldn't last. Ha, just kidding, no one said that to me. I'm just a nerd.

I can't believe I've made 100 posts. Kind of crazy. I have been wanting to post about the camping trip that set this whole crazy RV thing in motion. I have been putting it off because my computer broke and I really wanted to post some of the awesome pictures we took over that almost two week period. Since I am sitting on Rob's laptop, looking across the room at my still broken laptop I have decided to just do what I always do...steal photos from my personal Facebook page.

One year ago, in May, we went on our first camping trip as a family. Rob was at work one night when he sent me a text of the TV box they were printing and said "I want to go here". He said he thought it was a photo of a place in Utah called Arches. I turned to my best friend, you know, Google, and found out where Arches National Park was. We decided to plan a camping trip to Utah to see the arches.

We also decided (because we are CRAZY) to drive on to Denver. Then, we added Mount Rushmore to our list. We planned it all out and booked the campgrounds. We stayed at a KOA in Moab, Utah, a hotel in Denver, Colorado and another KOA outside Rapid City, South Dakota. On the way back from South Dakota we stayed at a hotel in Salt Lake City. It was an amazing trip, we saw so many awesome things and had so much fun. While in South Dakota we walked around the campground admiring all the huge RVs and talking about how fun it would be to travel around the country having fun. The seed was planted. We didn't talk much about it again for a few months, then all of a sudden we were packing up our life in California for life on the road.

I miss the travels already. We took the travel trailer to Alabama this week. It is going to hang out at my father-in-law's house. There are so many things we want to see and do and I hope we will do them, soon! I also want to tent camp more because we had such a fun time the first time around.

arches national park
Arches National Park
arches national park
double arch
Our last morning in Utah, C and I were the only ones awake for A LONG TIME
colorado river
Bottom of the Rockies in Colorado

snowy rockies
Snow at the top of the Rockies in Colorado
The antelope are EVERYWHERE in Wyoming
welcome to wyoming
wyoming rest stop
first rest stop in Wyoming. C loved looking at the cows
casper wyoming
hot springs
Maybe some mineral hot springs in Wyoming
tent in south dakota
Setting up the tent in Hill City, South Dakota
ground squirrel
we loved this little ground squirrel and his friends
mount rushmore
mount rushmore
rapid city
One of the statues on the Presidential Walk in Rapid City
 abraham lincoln

We hunted high and low to find buffalo and when we did we took a million pictures of them. This one is the best I could find
zebra petting zoo
G was in Heaven at this gas station petting zoo outside of Salt Lake City
nevada sunset
On our way home. Sun setting over Nevada


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