Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Are Home!

I love this window above the stairs!
The RV is empty. It is still sitting in the RV park and we actually have a few things in the storage spaces outside the RV but all of our important stuff is now in the house. The house is also still empty! All of our stuff is still in California and it will be awhile before we can afford to get it all out here due to cost and time. We have researched every option of getting our minivan and belongings here and basically no matter what we do it will cost about the same amount. We have to wait to save the thousands of dollars to get everything and we will also have to try our best to work it around Rob's work schedule.

We left the travel trailer Sunday night with the last bit of things that we still had in there. It was sad. Really sad. We all cried a little, some cried a lot. It's not that we aren't happy to be in a house, we are thrilled, but it is hard to say goodbye to something that has brought us so many amazing memories! We've had a blast traveling the country in that tin box (as I like to affectionately call it)! I will miss being stuck in that thing with the kids but I am grateful for this townhouse!

We will be taking the RV to Rob's dads house in Alabama. We can keep it there for free so it will rest there until we get our stuff out of storage and can bring it closer to us in Tennessee. We can't afford to pay for the storage of our minivan, our belongings AND the travel trailer. We have decided not to sell it, at least for the time being. Too many memories and too many more trips to take in it for us to get rid of it now.

We have only been here a few days but I have quickly remembered that it is much harder to keep 1,500 square feet clean than it is 200! And, those three bathrooms I was so excited for means even more money on all the things that bathrooms need to be stocked full of!

Adjusting to living so close to people is hard, though. The little boys that live next door are constantly wandering over to our patio and playing with stuff. They have even walked into the house a few times when the girls left the back door open. The boys also stare into the windows on the back door. Their mom does her best to keep them over by their house but they are young boys and young boys are curious!! The girls get so annoyed but the boys are young and I try to explain that boys are different, they are fearless and curious. They aren't like girls, they don't think about anything, they just do it. (At least that has been my experience with young boys, I don't have any of my own but I have known lots of people who do!)

I also wasn't ready for all the door knocking you get in a house. We've been spoiled by living in the rural mountains for four years before starting to travel so we hardly ever got any solicitors up there. We've had someone selling something or wanting to convert us to their religion twice, so far, and we've only been here since Friday afternoon! It makes me want to buy a house in the country, when we do buy one. I like being left alone! We will also need a house in the country because my children are so loud and crazy that I feel bad for anyone that lives within a ten mile radius of us!!


  1. So happy to hear that you are getting all settled into your house, I can only imagine how bitter sweet it is for you.

    1. I do love our house but a piece of me will always be in that travel trailer. We went to the RV park today to get something we forgot and I couldn't even get out of the car, too hard.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It is definitely nice to have a home again.


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