Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fysiko Lashes Trial

I was recently selected to review Fysiko Lashes. Fysiko is a lash growth serum. The company states that using the product daily will result in fuller, thicker eyelashes in as little as eight weeks with full results in 16 weeks. The serum can also be applied to eyebrows. Note: I received this product at no cost to me in exchange for a product review. 

Fysiko Lash Serum

I have noticed that over time my eyelashes have been appearing thinner and thinner. I think the few lashes I have left are long enough but I have been dying for fuller lashes for a long time now. I have always wanted to try Latisse but I definitely can't afford the hefty price tag and I was also worried about my eyes changing color. My eyes are a light bluish-green and I would be sad to wake up one day with a different eye color after having these eyes for over 30 years!

Fysiko is expensive (at least in my eyes, but I am also notoriously cheap!) Fysiko Lashes costs about $140. I'm not sure I'd ever fork over that amount of money for something if I wasn't sure it would work. But, if the eyelash serum works I will definitely buy it in the future. According to the company's website one tube of the serum should last about six months.

Before using Fysiko I read the pamphlet that came with the serum. I wanted to see if there was any information about changing eye color. I didn't find anything about eye color changing so I took to my best friend, Google, to see if I could find anything linking Fysiko to changes in eye color. I didn't find anything. I did read in the pamphlet that the serum could cause the eyelids to darken. I decided I'd try it and if anything weird happened I'd stop. The packaging said that there could be eye irritation so I held off on starting it until after we applied for apartments. I didn't want to look like I was just beaten when we were trying to look for a home! I have very sensitive skin so I was worried I might get really irritated.

I have been using the growth serum for almost two weeks now and I am happy to say my eyes are still the same color and I haven't had any irritation! It doesn't mean that the same could be said for everyone but so far I am happy. I have noticed that my eyelashes look longer already. They don't appear fuller yet but I hope that will come soon. I wasn't sure if I was just thinking they were growing so I curled my lashes and took a highly scientific survey...I asked the hubs and kids if I was wearing mascara, they all thought I was, but I wasn't.

I am using the serum once per day. The directions say not to use more than twice a day, I don't want to push it and end up with irritation so I'll go slow and be patient. I took a before picture of my eye for comparison. I will post another picture and update when I have used the serum for eight weeks and again after 16 weeks.

Before Photo: Please ignore my wrinkly, sun-loving face. I didn't want to wear any makeup or anything so that I could give the truest review possible.
eyelash close-up


  1. Following you now from Show Off Your Posts Blog Party! Please join us for our blog hop coming up in on Wednesday, Showin' Some Love Hump Day! :)

    <3 Amanda*

    1. Thanks for following! I will definitely check out the blog hop.

  2. Interesting, I don't know if I have thin lashes, but I know I could always use more! :D I wouldn't pay that price even if it did work unfortunately. But if it does work, could you perhaps place the ingredients on the update so I can shop around for a cheaper mimic? Can't wait to see results!

    1. I will definitely look into the ingredients. I know there are a few other brands out there, not sure how well any of the other brands work. I did use a mascara from Revlon called Grow Luscious that worked really well. It was easy to use and I noticed my lashes grew longer. They didn't get fuller though. I stopped using that about a two months ago when the tube ran out.


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