Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Weekend

I am still getting used to my husband's old, slow computer and I still hate using it. I have been avoiding his computer since mine broke. Instead, I've been reading magazines on my tablet and hanging around on Instagram. I guess it's time to stop avoiding this slow piece of junk and get back to my blog!

This weekend we didn't do much other than run errands. We were completely out of food so we spent time grocery shopping, doing laundry and we went to Percy Priest Lake. The lake is HUGE, parts of the lake are in three counties. It was cold but we wanted to get out of the RV and see something we hadn't seen yet. We weren't there long because it was cold but it was nice to stare at the huge lake and just hang out for a little bit. The girls spent time throwing rocks in the water. We drove around different areas of the lake but didn't get out of the car anywhere else. We saw some beautiful homes near the lake, that I wish we could live in! It was a good day.

I had more pictures from our lake trip but this dumb, slow computer won't upload them. Guess I still hate Rob's computer!!

The next day it rained, all day long. It was actually pouring rain. The thunder in the South is so much different than at home, it is loud here, it rumbles your whole body! You feel like your house (or RV) was struck by a truck. The lightning is different too. At home, you see a little flash of light high up in the sky, here it comes straight down to the ground, there's no mistaking what just flashed outside you're window! We stayed inside yesterday because of the storm. It was also very, very windy!

rainy RV park

Today it is freezing cold and snowing. The snow isn't sticking but it's still falling from the sky, skinny little snowflakes. The weather here is strange to me. You never know what each day will bring: rain, snow, tornadoes, thunder, lightning, 80 degree heat! It's always different. We have been in Tennessee almost three months and I'm still not used to each day being completely different (weather-wise) than the last day! I am worried about the summer heat that will be eventually coming. I don't like humidity so I'm not sure what worries me more, the whirling winds of death or being a giant, red-faced, frizzy sweatball!

In other news, my parents are scheduled to close escrow on their house at the end of the month. My brother is in California helping them pack up and get stuff put in storage. I haven't talked to my parents in awhile (well, I never talk to my dad) but I think it's going well. I know they're tired and stressed out so I hope it all works out for them. I love them and miss them both, and I miss my brother!


  1. So much for spring ayt? lol at least you got the nice-looking lake.

    1. I am definitely ready for some spring weather! One of my friends told me it was 80 degrees back home in California, I almost miss that temperature, a little bit!!

  2. You're right, the storms are very different in the south than they are in the north. I forgot about that... :)

    1. Definitely! The storms in the south are much more intense than the ones we get back home in California!!


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