Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Tuesday...

I had a happy, silly Truth Tuesday planned for today, but I'm honestly not in the mood to write it anymore. Maybe next week I will be in a better mood and can write something fun.

The truth is lately I've been stressed, annoyed and maybe a little depressed. I've been regretting, second guessing and questioning every decision I've ever made! I think my recent grumpy mood has a lot to do with my lack of caffeine circulating through my bloodstream. Really, there's just a bunch of stuff going on here and it's all more than I want to deal with! I just want everything to be perfect and our life to be easy, obviously that isn't possible.

I feel torn between wanting to travel more, wanting a house and deciding where we should live. We have talked about leaving Tennessee and going to Arizona where Rob and I both have family. A few years back, we were planning a move to Arizona but we chickened out. We visited a few times and really loved it there but we worried about the heat. It's kind of funny that we were too afraid to move to the state next to us but not too afraid to get rid of almost everything we own for life in a travel trailer. I feel okay with living in Arizona. But, if it were completely up to me I would live in Washington, Oregon, or Colorado. I really love all three of those states! I know we will have an easier time finding a job in Arizona, though, and my family will be around to babysit once in awhile if we need it. Rob's parents are in Arizona too, so we can visit them more often. I am also hoping my brother will make me delicious food once in awhile since he's an awesome cook!

On a side note, my parents accepted an offer on their house. It was the first offer they received and in my personal professional (I am still a licensed real estate agent in California, after all) I think they should have counter-offered for a little more money. It is their decision, though, and I'm not there to really know all the details of their offer. I am happy for them, though. It was an all cash offer and they will be closing escrow at the end of this month! It's all happening very fast for them and they aren't exactly sure what the future holds for them other than some time in Arizona. They are very lucky in that their house still had equity so they will be walking away with enough money to do what they need to do.

Maybe they'll buy an RV and we can just follow each other around the country. Ha, ha, I'm kidding. I think they would love traveling and I would love to retire and do this all over again with Rob, but I am definitely ready for a house, wherever we decide to live! I really would like to slam a door when I'm mad and have enough hot water to fully clean myself in the shower!

Some pictures of the girls at my parents' house:
G loved hanging from this tree
G again in the tree

L picking apples
Dad probably kicking Rob's butt at pool
Mom, C and A playing in mom's backyard
At a yard sale, the girls were rocking out with L's BFF H


  1. I saw this quote and figured you could use it hun.

    "Let go of the bad memories, and make room for the ones that make you smile."

    love your pics. and i've been in a funk myself but i think it's due to no caffeine. I think i'm on day 5 now. i've got past the headaches so i think i'm fine now. and by no caffeine I just mean soda's or coke rather b/c that's all i drink. but i will not give up my sweet tea. :D

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. The headaches have been killer for me. I thought the small amounts of caffeine I was getting from tea would help but it really doesn't! I don't think I'll last much longer, I'll probably cave and have soda soon.

  2. Hello,
    I started following you on Networkedblogs. I hope you find a nice place to live, I live in Nevada and I some times can’t take the heat, but I do love the spring time ( when we have one) and winter time. We sometimes don’t get seasons it goes from one extreme to the other in a snap.

    1. I know how hot Nevada can get. We've been all over that state many times. We actually just drove through Nevada in May to get to and from Utah and it was already so hot there!!

  3. Oh friend, sorry you're having a tough day. Tuesday suck- I haver always believed that. And when life feels like a perpetual tuesday? That's the worst. I can understand the restlessness and frustration that comes with a lack of roors while also enjoying the freedom and excitement of living carefree and on the seat of your pants. It's a tough place to be. give it a few days and see how you feel. that's always the barometer for me. If I feel the same after a few days I know it's not fatigue, caffeine, hormones, lack of sleep but a real legit concern or feeling. See how you feel in a few and talk to your man. You guys seem to be so good at taking risks and trying new adventures. Maybe a trip to AZ and a long term stop will suit you. Maybe it won't . But you guys always seem to be willing to make great decisions together;)
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it! There's just been so much going on the last few days, it all seems overwhelming. I do feel better today though, I guess sleep and caffeine can help a bad mood, at least a little bit. :)

  4. I found your blog through the Hump Day Blog Hop, and I am so looking forward to reading what you have to say. Just by reading over some of your past posts and your bio, I can say that I admire (and envy a bit) your sense of adventure. Perhaps I can live vicariously through your blog :)

    Fake It Till You Make It

    1. Thanks for visiting. I've never thought of myself as adventurous, just crazy! Most of the time it has been fun but there have definitely been days that I miss having a house and some space away from all these kooks I live with. :)


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