Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bleach Blonde Again

I finally bleached my hair! I didn't use my normal stuff, because I didn't know where a Sally's was around here and I was honestly too cheap to buy all the things I needed. When we moved out of our house I gave away all my hair dying tools so I would have to buy everything to start over.

When I decided to try the L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre I also saw a product by L'Oreal, Absolute Platinum. The Feria Absolute Platinum comes in three shades. I filed that information in my brain for future use, I guess I always knew I'd want to go back to blonde. So, we took a trip to Target, I was looking for the Extreme Platinum shade since that was the one that was supposed to lighten the most. Target didn't have it and I was dead set on bleaching my hair so I got the next lightest of the Feria Absolute Platinum. The shade I tried is called Very Platinum. But, while standing in the isle I noticed a really pretty red hair color and I was torn. So, so torn. I contemplated the red for awhile, but decided to get 3 (yes three!) boxes of the platinum color.
Loreal Feria Absolute Platinum

We come home and I decided to test a piece of hair before laying all that bleach on my head. I was pretty terrified that my hair would fall out. I have bleached my hair many, many times before and I've only had my hair break off once. It was at least 10 years ago, I bleached my hair and in the shower it felt like mush, I knew something was wrong and I was really worried. I went to bed and woke up with my hair crumbling and I ended up having to cut my already short hair even shorter. So, when I bleach my hair I often remember that time and worry about my hair. I tested a piece and nothing happened, my hair didn't break off and it also didn't change color very much. This made me doubt my decision to go blonde. I knew my hair wasn't going to be platinum, it was dark brown and it takes A LOT of work to go from dark to light. I really didn't want to damage my hair more for nothing. I spent a good day and a half trying to decide if I should return the two unopened boxes of blonde and go for red. I love red hair, it's so pretty, but it usually looks awful on me. This red was different though, this was bright and much crazier of a red than I had ever tried in the past. I eventually decided to just go for the blonde!

I left the bleach on my hair for 30 minutes. The directions said 30 to 60, I was still afraid of being bald so I didn't want to go too far. It took all three boxes to cover my head, and I still missed a few spots. I washed out my hair and it felt dry and brittle. I was worried. I conditioned the heck out of it and got out of the shower. When my hair dried I noticed that it is a little drier but my ends were already fried, I don't think they are any worse than before I started. I've been conditioning my hair often and using a hair oil and my hair is feeling much better. I was even brave enough to use my straightener on it.
Right after it dried
straightened and with makeup on
no makeup but straight hair. this is the most accurate photo of the color (ps I look like I have no top teeth)
My hair is a weird color right now that I don't like. It makes me wish I would have tried the red. I really hate bleaching my hair but I realize I will need to do it one more time to get it where I want it to be. I will use my regular stuff from Sally's this time though. I plan to try again in a few weeks. Hopefully it will be the right shade of blonde after the second time and I can just focus on maintaining my roots. Now, I just need to stop dreaming of the red!!!!

Feria Power Reds
The Feria Power Reds Color I am still dreaming of

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