Sunday, February 3, 2013


My husband's alarm wakes me up at 3 bleeping 30 every morning, it takes me at least an hour or two to fall back to sleep. Because of this, I try to stay in bed in the mornings as long as possible. I don't usually leave the bed until at least 8AM.

So, yesterday I was comfortably asleep when at 7AM my phone rang! I was really annoyed that someone had the nerve to call me so early! Turns out it was Rob, so I answered, in case it was an emergency since he never really calls from work, just sends texts. He said in a nice, calm voice "baby, go look outside. It's snowing right now!" So, I jumped out of bed, opened the door to see the glorious white stuff covering the ground. I threw the phone down on the counter and immediately woke up the girls. They were just as ticked as I was...until they saw the huge snowflakes falling from the sky.

We watched the snow for awhile but got cold so we shut the door and had breakfast. I told the girls they should play in it before it all melted away. It was only about an inch, maybe a smidge more. They got their clothes on and went out. They were out there for a good little while, running around, throwing snowballs and trying to bury each other. C went out too, she didn't move. She stood in the snow, frozen. A piece of snow hit her face and she was done! She started to throw a fit, then decided she'd keep standing there when I asked if she wanted to come in. She stood still for a good five minutes. I said to her "you know you can walk around with your sisters, right?" So, she slowly put one foot in front of the other and realized she could actually walk on that weird white stuff. Within a few seconds she was gone, running around with her sister, but she never let one finger touch the snow. She stuck to running!

By lunchtime the snow was gone. We were sad to see it go so quickly but I knew it wouldn't last long.

The snow did make me a little homesick. Even though we lived in "Sunny Southern California" we spent the last four years living in the mountains so we have become used to seeing snow each year. We would get anywhere from a few inches to a few feet at a time. I loved the snow. There were many, MANY things I hated about living on that mountain but the snow was my favorite. I loved watching the girls sled with their friends next door. I loved watching Lucy run like nobody's business up and down our backyard, her fur just as white as the snow. I have never seen a dog so happy to be so cold! I will miss snowball fights and making snowmen. I will miss C standing there EVERY time, so mad that I stuck her in that stuff! I won't miss trying to drive in it, or shovel it. I also won't miss the power outages it caused, leaving us to sit in a FREEZING cold house for hours or days! I do love the snow, and I will miss it.

So mad about that tiny bit of snow on her face!

I am so glad that we got even just that tiny bit of snow, it really made for an awesome day!


  1. Ha ha congrats on the snow.. I have to say your blog title made me stop by.. :) So Enjoy your day fellow Jen-

  2. How fun! Where in the California mountains did you live? I lived in Twin Peaks, CA in high school--up near Lake Arrowhead.

    1. I know where Twin Peaks is! We lived in Crestline. My girls played soccer and softball in Twin Peaks.


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