Monday, February 11, 2013

Crochet Hearts and PomPoms Make Me Happy

I am seriously in love with the internet. Without it my life would be so empty. I have learned how to make so many amazing things thanks to other crafty people and their blogs, tutorials and videos!

A few days ago I learned how to make pompoms. It turns out they are pretty darn easy. I tried making them a few years ago and it didn't end well, so I gave up learning how to do it. I tried again and found a great tutorial. has an excellent tutorial, you can find it here.

These are the ones I made. I am in desperate need of yarn so I have to use whatever scraps I have left laying around.

I think I'm equally excited for this tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous. This has probably become my favorite site over the last few weeks, there are so many great ideas over there. Today, a crochet heart tutorial was posted. And, it happened to be at the exact moment I was going to head to Google to search for a crochet heart tutorial! So, even with my excruciating headache this morning I took out more scraps and made the hearts. I love them and I will be making them ALL THE TIME! I don't know what I'm going to do with these cuties yet, maybe glue them to a Valentine for the girls, or, who knows.

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