Friday, February 1, 2013

Confession Friday: I Love Fudge, Especially When it is Homemade

I have a deep love of fudge. It is quiet possibly the best candy in the universe. Everywhere we go, if a place sells fudge you can bet I'm buying it. I've had fudge from Knott's Berry Farm back home in California and Sea World San Diego every time we went. I have also had fudge from Bass Pro Shops and even grocery store fudge. The best store-bought fudge has to be from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory though. And, that place has so many other goodies, you could seriously gain ten pounds just walking into the store!

We had a tradition as a kid that every year we had fudge at Christmas. It was basically the only time each year that I had fudge, I looked forward to it very much growing up! My mom had the recipe written down in her recipe book, the recipe was from my grandma, which I think made me like the fudge even more. Each year I would feel like we were including my grandma with our Christmas even though she wasn't around anymore.

When I became an adult I was very excited to make the fudge on my own. One Christmas I volunteered to make the fudge and bring it to my parents' house for Christmas dinner. I asked my mom for the recipe. She pulled out her book and wrote it down for me. I went to the store with Rob and we began gathering all the supplies. I was so excited. As we grabbed the marshmallow fluff, a key ingredient, I turned the jar over. What did I find on the back? I was shocked to see my grandma's recipe on the back of the marshmallow fluff jar. I felt bamboozled! I couldn't believe that what I thought was a treasured family recipe was something of the back of a jar! Robert, of course, thought it was hilarious. We went home with the ingredients and made the fudge. It was delicious, just like always.

Since the first time I made my grandma's fudge to now the marshmallow fluff jar has changed the recipe slightly. I follow the new recipe, simply because I lost the original recipe my mom gave me. I have since written down the fudge recipe in our recipe book, just in case the makers of the fluff decide to change it again or for some reason they put a new recipe on the back of those jars!

Even if it isn't my grandma's recipe this fudge is the best! Much better than any other fudge I have bought. I would eat homemade fudge maybe everyday! I love it so much, I wish I had some right now. Maybe someday I'll get creative and make something other than plain fudge, maybe some peanut butter fudge, or do a caramel swirl, or even a mint fudge. Ooh, the possibilities are exciting me!

Once we get into a house it will be the first treat I make since we didn't have it this Christmas and most of us were very bummed about that. We don't have all of our pots and pans and cooking tools in the RV so I don't have a saucepan that would be good enough to cook the ingredients and I don't have a baking sheet large enough to cool the fudge on.

I am glad that three out of the four girls like fudge. So, I know they will continue to make it when they're grownups and I will be so excited to eat it when they bring it to my house for Christmas dinners!
Fantasy Fudge recipe

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