Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Owls

We have an abundance of toilet paper rolls! We are a big family and go through that stuff like it's nobody's business. I found some cute ideas on Pinterest on what to do with all these rolls.

We used these cute little owls as our inspiration for the craft.

I am horrible at writing directions but this is simple. I pushed in the tops of the toilet paper rolls and creased the ends with my fingers to make the top parts of the owl. Next I handed them to the kids and let them go to town. Now, they are using the owls as puppets and they are having a ball...or roll...

This is GM's finished owl, she named it Sleepy...then Bubbles...and now Moon

LA named her owl Billy Bob

AG named her owl Zoe

The two sad, less colorful owls are mine. I named mine Bob and Laura. CV is napping so she can have them when she wakes up.

P.S. In case you noticed shorter hair on the girls, all three of the older girls got haircuts this week. LA had so many knots and tangles in her hair, I had no choice but to chop it. She was sad but loves her shorter, easier to care for hair. She wanted to donate her hair but it was just in horrible shape. She's growing it out again to donate. GM and AG had me cut their hair too, they had enough length to donate. This will be GM's second time donating her hair and AG's first.


  1. this is sooo cute! We actually made a toilet paper roll heart wreath this week. Come check it out

    1. I just looked at your wreath, so cute! I'll definitely make those with my kiddos soon.

  2. So cute! I am saving toilet roll holders as we speak to make something to put on the REALLY empty wall behind my couch! I couldn't believe it when I saw all the uses for empty toilet rolls! Pinterest rocks! lol

    1. It is pretty amazing all the things people do with something I've spent years throwing in the garbage! There are so many things the kids and I look forward to making with them now!!


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