Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

Everyone here has been battling a terrible cold so I haven’t had the time to post my resolutions for the New Year. I hate making resolutions because I rarely keep them but I’m going to try super, extra hard to keep them this year.

The girls were talking about their “revolutions” (as Gm and Ag called them) last night in the car. La decided that she would be nicer to her sisters. Gm says she’s still thinking about what her “revolution” will be, and Ag said “I’m just waiting for mommy to make hers so I can copy it, she always makes good revolutions!”

I have been thinking about what my resolutions would be for a few weeks now. I know that this year I definitely want to try to be more positive. Sometimes I get frustrated that our life isn’t how I pictured it or we don’t have the things I would like us to have. This year, I want to just be happy with what we do have, which is more than others even if it’s not EVERYTHING I ever dreamed of.

I usually make a resolution to lose weight but this year I will say that I will work on eating better and working out. I don’t work out at all. So, anything will be better than what I have done in the past. I have plenty of workout DVDS to use. I also have a treadmill back in California in our storage unit that I can use when we get into a house again. Or, I can just go walk outside with the kids! I really need to kick my Coca-Cola addiction, but I love it so much, I call it my sweet liquid gold. Just thinking about a Coke makes me want one RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I don’t like diet soda so I’ll have to just give it up cold turkey. So sad. I do need to eat better also, the good thing about that is I like healthy food. I love vegetables and fruits and whole grains but I’m just too lazy to cook it. So, I need to work on getting my butt in the kitchen more!

Another goal for this year is to not be so negative about myself in front of the girls. I complain quiet frequently about my body in front of them and I really need to stop. Last night La said something about my outfit being cute and I made a comment about my fat legs. After, Ag said “I have fat legs, look at these suckers; they’re so fat and ugly!” It made me really sad, she’s perfect the way she is and she’s only seven so she shouldn’t be worrying about what her legs look like. If it wasn’t for her always hearing me talk bad about myself she wouldn’t have even thought to criticize herself.

So, that’s what my resolutions are for the year. I will eat better and work out, be more positive and not talk negatively about myself in front of the girls! I hope everyone has a great 2013!


  1. Good luck! Thanks for linking up at Ting's Mom.

  2. This is a great list, one that particularly stood out to me is not being so negative in front of your girls, that is something I want to work on too. I found your blog through Ting's Mom, can't wait to read more.

    1. Thanks for visiting. It is definitely hard to not bash myself in front of the girls! Last night my oldest said "Why do you think you're fat?" and I wanted to say "Um, because I am!"


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