Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Wheels are Rolling

Visit to the park in Alabama

I think LA made this duck ANGRY

We named this guy the "Presidential Duck" because of the poof of hair on his head

We are officially on our way back to Nashville, Tennessee. Rob will start his new job next week and life in this RV will get really CRAZY! I'll be doing everything on my own, what a bummer. Rob has been a big help with homeschooling the girls, I will definitely miss that.

We plan to stay in the RV for at least a month. That will give us time to find a place to live in an area that we'll really like (and if we decide we don't like it in Nashville after all, we have a way to hightail it outta there. I don't think that will happen though). During our first visit I fell in love with White Bluff but it's about an hour from Rob's new job, so that area is probably out. I also love Franklin, Brentwood and Cool Springs, but we can't afford that area. We could if I were to go back to work but with the cost of daycare I'm not sure it would be worth it. So, we will spend time exploring the area. I hope to find an area with good schools since I would like to put the girls back in public school next year. We shall see how it goes...

I know everyone in this RV will miss Rob's dad immensely. We haven't seen him in years and half of our children hadn't even met him before we got here. The girls have spent as much time as possible with him. CV is in love, she spends most of her time saying "where papa Mike?" so I know she'll really miss him. The older girls will miss him as well, and the quiet frequent trips to McDonald's with their grandpa. All four of them will miss the almost daily deliveries of donuts from grandpa, too. I am glad we have spent the last month here and I'm glad the girls all got to know their grandpa better. The good thing about being in Nashville is we will only be a few hours drive away so we can see Rob's dad more often.

I am excited to find a house and get settled in our new city. There are so many things to do and see in Tennessee, I can't wait. I hope to convince all of my friends and family to move to the area through the use of my captivating writing and highly enticing photographs. Ha, I'm kidding, I'm not a great photographer or writer but I do hope people I like will feel encouraged to follow us so I will have friends. I will be mighty lonely in a state where I know no one besides the people in my house!

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