Thursday, December 6, 2012


That's what Bubba, or I should say Ally-gator (she gave herself a new nickname after spending time in Louisiana and falling in love with the alligators) says each time something doesn't go her way or she doesn't get what she wants. Like the other day when she asked if she could have candy and I said no, then she said ShootDangDarnit.

Tuesday was a ShootDangDarnit day! The morning started out good, but then turned into probably the worst day we've had in a loooong time! Rob realized the black tank was full in the RV so we spent hours trying to find a dump station around here, turns out there's only one, and it's closed for winter! We decided to drive over and see if he could get to the dump site even though the state park was closed. He could get to it but we were still worried, we didn't want to break rules or get in trouble. We drove back home and decided that is where we needed to go, we really had no choice.

I was making lunch while Rob was getting everything ready outside so we could move the RV. He let Lucy and Zakk run around his dad's property and Lucy always tries to run away. Rob was stressed and annoyed at having to load everything up and drive this sucker down the road to dump the tanks. I was in here so I don't know the whole story but ally-gator came running in crying that "dad let Lucy run away!". So, I went outside and Rob was yelling for her and trying find her. She took off into the woods behind the property. We were all looking and yelling for her. Rob's dad drove around trying to find her, Rob went into the woods and came out cut on his legs from the thorny bushes trying to find her. The girls stood at the edge of the grass yelling for her and crying. We were about to give up when she FINALLY came trotting out of the woods like nothing was wrong, cuts on her body and mud covered. She must have had fun chasing whatever she did and we are glad she is back. She's no longer a free-range dog!

After the Lucy incident we hurriedly through all our stuff into its "moving place" in the RV. We have to clear the counters, the table and the shelves in our room. We loaded up and headed for the "poop station". We spent some time sitting at the dump station unloading our "business". After, we headed back to Rob's dad, Mike's house. We made it back to the house but the driveway is very narrow, surrounded by a ditch and the street he lives off of is extremely busy with crazy drivers. It took FOREVER for Rob to make it into the driveway, I was so worried he'd be hit by someone or slip into the ditch, but he didn't and I was happy.

Rob backed the RV back to the original parking space. A space I hated, but it was the best space, or so we thought. Mike's property is basically on a hill, there is a lack of level land anywhere that would be suitable to park, so we parked on the hill, in the flattest place we could find. When we first got here I was worried about how high and off-center we were but Rob said we wouldn't roll down the hill and die, so I tried to believe him. We never did die so I assumed we'd be fine this time to. I WAS WRONG!!

Rob got the RV back up in it's so, so scary original position. We went inside and sat around for a few minutes. It was a long day and everyone was exhausted! After a few minutes Rob decided he wanted a soda, he asked if we wanted to go with him, so we did. We came back from the store and went inside. The girls were going to stay outside to play the "Hunger Games" game they made up. Rob and I were inside the RV, I was taking off my shoes in our room. LA came in to get something then all of a sudden it felt like we were hit by a bus! The RV started shaking then in seconds we were sliding down the hill, we slid a good two feet. I grabbed my purse and helped LA up off the floor. I went outside forgetting my shoes! We made sure the other kids were okay and then we looked at our trailer. It was a depressing sight to see the trailer on the ground on the one side, jacks bent and broken and not knowing how we'd fix it.

Rob spent the night working on getting the trailer off the ground. He then moved it to a more level spot, which turns out isn't super level either but it is the best we can do here!

 Luckily no one was hurt and the trailer itself is intact. We still have a place to live, minus two leveling jacks and a bent frame. We bought new jacks and Rob is working on getting the frame straightened out but it sure was an incredible (in a bad way) day.

So, I say, ShootDangDarnit to Tuesday, December 4, 2012!!!

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