Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Sorta...We went and got a tree today. We've been debating for about a month now whether to get a real or fake tree. I have never in my life had a fake tree. My family has always bought a live tree. Only one Christmas did we not have one, and that was after my parents' house caught fire.

Rob met one of his dad's friends, his name is Dennis and he owns a Christmas tree farm just a few miles from where we are staying. We went over there to look around and decide what we really wanted to do. The Christmas tree farm is awesome, I want one! The trees out here are Carolina pines or something like that (Rob told me this is what Dennis told him but sometimes Rob is wrong so who knows). The trees are definitely different from the ones in California, you know, the ones that are trucked in from Oregon and Washington. But, I liked the trees here.

Time for a hay ride. I was too warmly dressed, it was HOT out there!

Dennis, the owner of the tree farm

We went on a hay ride. CV was terrified to get in the trailer so I held her the whole time. Dennis took us around the tree farm in the tractor, twice. We then walked around with a saw to cut down a tree we wanted. Each time the tractor passed by CV would take off running, she wanted no part in another ride on the hay. We made sure it would be okay for us to cut down a little one since we didn't have room in our RV for the eight foot beauty that I really wanted. We found the perfect little four foot tree and now it's at home in the corner of our little space.
tree hugger

this isn't one of the Carolinas, I don't know what it is but it's different than any Christmas tree I've seen

Checking out the tree. These aren't the Carolina ones but they get big and bushy. They're cool!

So, we have a tree and now it's feeling a little bit more like Christmas here. But, the 70 degree temperatures are not helping to put my in the Christmas mood. Winter will be hard, I will miss watching the girls sled with their friends outside all winter long. I really did love the snow! Did I love shoveling it? NO! Did I love being trapped on our street for days, waiting for a plow? NO. Did I love losing power and freezing to death? NO. But I did love watching the girls play in it. I loved watching Lucy run through it and watching her become camouflaged into the snow. I loved seeing it outside my window and playing in it with the girls. Watching the snow falling in Green Bay right now while the Packers play the Lions isn't really helping in missing the snow!
Decorating our mini tree

our little setup

the stockings (to be hung over the couch, SO VERY Christmas)
Christmas will definitely be weird this year but we will make the best of it like we always do. I am just happy and grateful we are all healthy and together. I will miss my parents but hopefully we will all be together again soon.

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