Friday, December 28, 2012


This Christmas was definitely different than all of our past Christmases. One distinct difference was the lack of Christmas smell around here. Our tree from the tree farm doesn't smell like the trees we're used to in California. Back home the smell of pine would fill the air as soon as a tree was put up! We still loved our little tree and we are glad we chose it over a fake tree but we all do miss the smell of our old shipped in from Oregon trees.

Since we're still in the RV we also had to do a small Christmas. We couldn't go crazy with presents because there's just no room in here for anything else. We bought each of the girls four presents and Santa brought them each one, too. We made sure to get them at least one thing from their wish list. Everyone was happy and I don't think they realized they didn't get as many gifts as they have in the past. I think in the future we will continue to keep the gifts to just a few that the girls really, really want. Maybe that way they'll take better care of the few things they get since they tend to trash their stuff pretty quickly.

I was glad that we were able to keep most of our traditions going, even in the RV. We still made cookies for Santa and left carrots for the reindeer. The girls all got their traditional Christmas Eve pajamas. We tracked Santa online and looked outside for Rudolph's nose. One tradition we didn't get to do was make fudge. I love fudge and look forward to making it each year. We made peppermint bark instead and the girls were just as happy. My birthday is coming up so maybe I'll make fudge instead of having a cake!

And now to the pictures. Well, I did take a few but in my attempt to add them to the computer I accidentally deleted most of them. Bummer, big time. Luckily the video I took didn't get deleted so most of the pictures here will be snapshots from the video. Next time I'll be more patient!! 

One of the few decorated houses in this town

The best decorated house here. I wish I could've taken a better picture!
Our little tree
CV opening her Christmas Eve present with Papa Mike

The rest of the girls with their Christmas Eve presents

Hanging with grandpa in their new jammies

Gifts from Santa and the little thing we got CV, it was too big to wrap and didn't' fit under the tree

Checking out their stockings

Christmas Morning


  1. hi there! Here from the Blog hop! New follwer via email. You can find me at Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog.

  2. I happened on this post from Bloggy Moms, and I love it. I think this will be a Christmas your kids will remember, for sure! I haven't lived it, but the idea of an RV on Christmas sounds cozy, memorable, and fun. (Am I just crazy--you're probably wanting to smack me right now because I'm sure it's a lot harder than it looks!) In any case, thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your post!

    1. It's been interesting in the RV. We were lucky that we were able to spend Christmas with my husband's dad, who we haven't seen in years. If it wasn't for us traveling and the RV we wouldn't have been able to do that. So, it definitely has it's bonuses.

  3. How lovely! Everyone looks so happy and the tree is cute even if it is smaller. Bummer on the pine scent, there are just certain things that make the Christmas season more special :D

    1. We definitely missed the pine smell. We even looked at candles and air fresheners to spray around here but none smelled very good.


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