Monday, November 5, 2012

San Antonio-o-o-o

We spent two nights in San Antonio. It was an interesting town. We originally had no intention of stopping there but Rob realized he really wanted to see The Alamo. So, we made a pit stop on our way down to the Texas coast. We stayed at a KOA, it was nice but in a strange area, kind of sandwiched between an industrial area, creek and little neighborhood. 

We went to The Alamo. It was cool to see some old Texas history but it was also a little strange that there are no pictures aloud inside any of the buildings and Rob got yelled at for leaving his hat on indoors. There were a lot of things to read but with the kids it was near impossible to read anything. We also walked around the downtown area of San Antonio while we were there. There were a lot of things to do, a wax museum, some 4D movie thing and a Guinness World Records museum. We didn’t do any of those things. We did walk along the river walk path. The river water was brown and dingy and really the only thing down there was restaurants. If we were looking for somewhere to eat lunch or dinner it would have been a nice area for that but it was difficult with kids since there’s no barrier between the sidewalk and the water! 

Rob was extremely excited to see there was a chuck wagon breakfast at this KOA.  He couldn’t wait to eat biscuits and gravy and the girls were so excited for all-you-can-eat pancakes. I had very low expectations for the food, and my expectations were met. The biscuits were chewy and cold, the gravy was flavorless and also cold. The girls, however really enjoyed the pancakes. It was something like $4 a plate for the endless pancakes, each kid was only able to eat the original three that came with their orders. The pancakes were big and fluffy. If I liked pancakes I would eat those. Rob, by the way, was extremely disappointed in his much anticipated chuck wagon breakfast. 

Next to the KOA was a river or creek with a biking/walking path. We went for a bike ride along the trail. I have learned through the two bike rides we’ve been on that I am extremely out of shape and my behind is far too large for a mountain bike seat! I miserably followed along with the family as we rode up and down painful hills. We saw a turtle on the path and I think he was missing a leg. Rob and the girls also so a frog in the water but my slow behind didn’t make it in time to see. 

We had a good time in San Antonio but I don’t think it would be a place I’d want to live.

San Antonio in pictures (I wish I could post pictures individually but I am at the mercy of free wifi so it is pretty close to impossible to upload anything!):

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