Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Houston...Sort of

Our last stop in Texas was a KOA outside of Houston. When I booked the campsite it said the KOA was in the “Houston North” area and looked very close to Houston. Turns out maps are deceiving. We were about an hour north of Houston. I didn’t mind though since Houston had painful traffic. It didn’t hurt as bad as miserable LA traffic but it sure was close. We stayed in Montgomery, Texas. Montgomery is a small, old town in Texas. According to what I read it is also the birthplace of the Texas lone star flag. It is near Lake Conroe, which is a really nice lake community. 

We spent basically all of our three nights at the KOA and in the Montgomery area. It was a huge KOA with two little ponds. There was also an indoor pool with a little water slide that the girls fell in love with. The KOA was pretty empty so that was nice. 

We really didn’t do much here besides go swimming.  A few hours after our trip to the pool I thought we were hit by a bus. We were quietly sitting in the trailer when all of a sudden there was a huge bang and the trailer was shaking. We look outside and the awning is flapping in the wind, it is pouring rain and the thunder is roaring so loud you can feel it. We quickly pulled in the awning but it was tough, I thought it was going to rip right out of my hands. For the next hour or so the sky lit up with amazing lightening while the thunder shook the trailer and the rain poured down in buckets. We stayed in until the storm passed, watching it through the windows in fascination. Once the storm was over we went back to life as normal.

Here's the photo collage of our unadventurous trip to Montgomery, TX:

We also had a very interesting experience trying to get Rob a strawberry shake! The story is very long and will only bring up bad memories for him so I will just end with saying after two tries and more than an hour of waiting he never did get his shake!  :(

And, we finally took our family picture that I wanted to do everywhere we stopped. We have forgotten to do this at most places because usually the mornings are a crazy, mad rush to get out of one campsite and on the road to the next. We tried to get the dogs in this one but they weren't very cooperative, this is the best we could get, sad but true!

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