Thursday, October 4, 2012


This is my current closet (minus the dirty laundry you can't see and the stuff I have shoved over on Rob's side of the closet). I constantly complain about the size of my closet. This is the smallest closet I've ever had, until now...

My new "closet" is this big. It is T-I-N-Y!!! I'm guessing (I am an amazing guesser) this is about six inches wide and maybe two feet tall. It's depressing. Just my jeans stacked in here would fill it to the top. Downsizing is going to be a bummer!

The real kicker is that all of Rob's things are going to fit in the RV. He really doesn't have to put much in storage. Almost all his clothes and shoes will fit, he's taking his guitars, golf clubs, X-Box, he has a satellite dish and an HDTV in there. All I really have is clothes and that's the only thing space is lacking for.

I shouldn't mind so much, since most of my clothes haven't been worn and a lot of things still have tags on them. I guess I'm just attached. I don't have a lot of things other than my clothes so it just feels like I'm the only one that doesn't get to have things in the RV. Oh well, it is what it is, I will see all the clothes again and if they've been hanging in my closet unworn this long what's another few months sitting in a bucket?

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