Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Get To Packing!

We leave here in less than two weeks, yet NOTHING is packed. This is the story of our lives. We never pack in advance, we constantly procrastinate until the last minute. We rush everything into boxes, bags and whatever else we can find to shove our stuff in.

We are trying to do things differently this time, but so far none of us have done a thing. The kids rooms are so messy I can't even open the door to come in and wake them up in the morning. The living room and dining room show no signs that someone is planning a move. Our closets are overflowing with boxes and junk that have never been unpacked, despite we've moved several times over the years.

The kids rooms are a nightmare. It will take a lot of work to get their rooms packed. The rooms are overflowing with too small clothes and old, broken toys. Once we wade through all the trash maybe it won't be so bad but I am definitely not looking forward to packing their rooms!! I'll leave that job for my big, strong husband!

I have been planning to pack up my closet for about a week now. I procrastinate because I am depressed about the size of my new "closet". It is not even one-tenth the size of my current closet, and my current closet is too small. I have also added to my closet in the last week, instead of downsizing I went out and bought a bunch of new clothes. Soon I will box up all my work clothes that I haven't worn in years, and some that have never been worn at all. I will pack up all my shoes that I love but never wear because I hate being tall. When I do, I might cry, I will miss all my stuff even though I don't use at least half of it. It's my stuff though, and I've become attached to it. Even though it's only going to a storage unit it feels like I'm losing my things.

It's time to get this show on the road. We need to put stuff we are keeping in storage, stuff we are taking in the trailer, stuff we are selling in a pile? and the leftovers in the garbage!

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