Friday, October 26, 2012

Albuquerque Turkey

Turns out Albuquerque, New Mexico was a flop! We didn't do much there and honestly the city was a bit underwhelming. On the night we arrived we went to the KOA where we had planned to stay and didn't think it was in a real great part of town so we decided not to stay there. We had to go all the way back across town to find a suitable place to stay. I am glad we ended up where we did because the RV park we stayed at was really nice, despite being near a prison. We stayed at the American RV Park. It was a nice, clean park with friendly staff. We also liked how cheap the snacks were in the park's store.

I wanted to take the kids to see the petroglyphs that were near where we were staying but after reading reviews we decided against it. Some of the reviews said there was so much graffiti there that you really couldn't distinguish between the real petroglyphs and the tagging. Also, another person said cars got broken into a lot there in the parking lot and if you have an out-of-state license plate you are especially a target. So we passed. At the grocery store we watched as a guy tried to steal a bunch of meat. The checker told us that this was a regular occurrence with "these guys". The scenery really didn't look much different from home, either. It was dry, brown and a little bit dumpy looking. So, we stayed in our RV park for the majority of our stay.

There aren't many pictures of Albuquerque, for the reasons above. We didn't even remember to take our family photo there!

On the way to New Mexico and around Albuquerque: 

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